Andy Jay

Andy’s humble and charismatic approach to presenting and announcing has lead to a wealth of experience on prestigious channels such as Sky Sports News, ITV1, ITV2, Channel 5, Sky One, Sky Movies and BBC World Wide. Andy started his career as a children’s television presenter, hosting shows on Fox Kids and CITV and went on to present a wide range of shows from travel, music to sports. He also has a multitude of voice over credits include campaigns for L’Oreal, Top Gear, Aston Martin, Nintendo, Head & Shoulders and Citroen.


With his handsome looks and charm Andy appeals to the masses. Competent in live environments, he has hosted many events having worked for Ben and Jerrry’s Sundae - live music festival, Patty Smith’s Meltdown, The Urban Awards, Festival of London Youth Arts and The Institute of Directors.


Andy currently works on Sky Sports and as the main voice over for Sky Movies. With his friendly personality and natural demeanor in front of the camera Andy would be a asset to any programme.

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