Media Training

Don’t just talk – SAY something.


Performing with style and substance during media interviews is a specialised skill - but one, which can be learned and practiced with the help of Globell.


Don't just endure an interview: Enjoy it.


All interviews are an opportunity to deliver messages and delivering those messages as succinctly as possible, is easier said than done!


The demands of press, radio and television interviews all vary but the core principles remain the same.

You will learn how to:


* Understand media motivation.


* Develop and illustrate key messages.


* Target your audience.


* Choose who to speak to and why.


* Tackle difficult questions.


* Engage your audience.


* Identify question types.


* Use body language effectively.


* Dress appropriately.


* Deal with nerves and appear relaxed in all situations.


* Role-play interviews – filmed & assessed.

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