Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas has become well known as ‘The DebtWizard’, over the past 15 years helping many individuals to overcome their debt problems, he is the founder and head of


Mike's career began in the Metropolitan Police, but after 17 years of exemplary conduct he was forced to leave through injury. It was then he became a debt counsellor, interviewing individuals and couples, assessing their debt problems and developing his expertise in this difficult and often emotive field.


He now specialises in unsecured personal debt which includes credit cards, loans, overdrafts, store cards, as well as mortgage shortfall debt following house repossession and is regarded as an expert in the debt management industry. He and his team are always striving to find the right solution to resolve an individual's financial difficulties.


Highly knowledgeable and able to offer advice on interest rate decisions, house repossession figures, insolvency figures as well as debt and consumer related issues such as bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s) debt consolidation loans, debt management and reclaiming bank charges, he has also trained to further develop his personal counselling skills to help people with the psychological impact of coping with debt.


Mike has extensive press media experience. He writes a regular blog for Moneywise and has regularly featured on TalkSPORT and BBC radio, LBC Radio, SunTalk (the radio arm of the Sun newspaper) as well as Channel 5 and SKY on debt related issues.


He has broadcast live on television on BBC1, BBC News Chanel, BBC London and appeared on ITV's Repossession Repossession Repossession' documentary about debt, helping two of the participants and acting as an adviser to the programme. In print and on air Mike can deal with debt related issues, responding to readers' letters or callers' telephone enquiries to advise the best solution on their individual problem.

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