Powerpoint Perfection

Every presentation, with or without tools, is your opportunity to make an impression, sell your ideas or showcase your business.


Powerpoint is still the most popular presentation tool but using it requires an understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. Too many presentations are led by Powerpoint, when its real strength is to complement your presentation content.

You will learn how to:


* Take control of your presentation.


* Use the 10/20/30 rule.


* Make an immediate impact.


* Use colour, type and typeface effectively.


* Insert appropriate graphs & diagrams.


* Attract attention to key words or messages.


* Know when to move on.


* Supply back-up material.


* Display title slides.


* Handle the question and answer session.


* Use a microphone correctly.


* Stand or move appropriately.


* See your presentation from an audience perspective.

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