Public Speaking

Whether the event is formal or casual, addressing a group with confidence, flair and authority is a difficult skill to master.


Many of us are called upon to deliver formal, informal or impromptu speeches at various points throughout our lives and some of us are horrified at the prospect.


Not everyone can be a compelling public speaker but everyone can gain the skills and knowledge to ensure that failure is not an option.


We can help you to say what you want to say with confidence and without fear of embarrassment.

You will learn:


* Questions to ask before you say yes.


* Conference dynamics – choosing your speaking slot.


* The art of composing a speech.


* How to deliver a speech effectively.


* Public Speaking – the basics.


* How to keep it simple – choose your words carefully.


* Key message construction.


Plus, using video:


* Role-play speeches filmed and assessed.


* Successful aspects analysed.


* Improvement points and pitfalls identified.


* Overall performance rated.

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