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With media specialists based in:


- The Middle East


- Russia

- South Africa

- Australasia

- Africa

- The UK

It is a little known fact that most people form a lasting opinion of you within 5 seconds of meeting you! So first impressions really do count. Whether it is wardrobe, hairstyle or make-up advice – Globell Communications works with a number of industry professionals who will develop your image and show you how to make the most of what you already have.

Creative writing is an invaluable skill. Globell Communications has award-winning copywriters on hand to construct your publicity copy piece from brief, or to teach you how to write it yourself.

Staging a successful event or promotion requires a master juggler! Liaising with the various suppliers and contributors is a specialised job which, when completed successfully, can mean the difference between a stylish or disastrous event. To ensure a hassle-free event or promotion, enlist the help of Globell Communications.

A picture paints a thousand words and getting a good publicity shot is easier said than done. Globell Communications works with practicing industry photographers who can bring out the best in you on camera. Studio or location shoots can be easily arranged.

Need a well known personality to attend your event, endorse your product or lend their voice to your commercial campaign or film? Globell Communications works with Celebrities Worldwide which own one of the world's largest celebrity contact databases. If you want them, we can get them! (Or at least ask them nicely.)

It’s not what you know but who you know and Globell Communications' vast range of industry contacts can enhance your business or employment potential.

Media campaign planning and execution is an art form. Timing is everything and an understanding of the current news agenda is paramount. PR campaigns are inherently intangible but an effective campaign can increase the public’s understanding of you or your business – leading to instant recognition and respect.

Professional broadcast voices are highly sought-after and Globell Communications puts all ages, sexes, shapes and sizes at your disposal. Authority, comedy, celebrity and international voices can add that extra dimension to your advertisement, film, documentary or corporate identity.

Globell Communications' stable of respected radio and television talent is unsurpassed for excellence in presentation. Conference addressing and chairing, corporate film fronting, training facilitation, event hosting and celebrity endorsement are available services. Find out who we have access to – you'll be pleasantly surprised! See the separate Presenter Sourcing Service page on this website.


Globell Communications provides a range of complementary media communications services.

Public Relations and Promotion

Invaluable contacts with practicing industry experts

Presenter Sourcing


Conference Chairing & Seminar Hosting

International Media Consultancy

Celebrity Guest Booking

Event Organisation and Promotion

Publicity Photography


Style/Image Consultancy

Keep a conference on track without offending the speakers or the audience. Our team of professionals will ensure that timings are adhered to, discussions don't become arguments and audience interjections are kept to a minimum.

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Documentary-making is a passion, rather than an occupation for Globell Communications. The power of film to tell a story, highlight a cause or simply explain a concept is invaluable. Globell has produced two documentaries for NGOs working throughout Africa: the first in 2005 for the Shropshire-based charity Harvest Help, after a visit to Zambia and Malawi.


The second in 2006, for the London-based Sand Dam charity Excellent Development, after a visit to Kenya. Both were filmed, scripted, produced, directed, edited, narrated and presented by the Globell team. Each film has had a marked effect on the visibility and fundraising capabilities of each organisation.


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Globell Communications' contacts include:


- National & International Radio/TV news suppliers and presenters.

- PR Companies.

- Agents and Talent Management Companies.

- Celebrity Guest Bookers.

- Publicity Photographers.